What does it take to become certified within insurance

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Going through the correct insurance training will often be what separates those who get hired within insurance in a big national company, from those who aren’t licensed to sell insurance inside the country. Research has shown that insurance agents usually have a yearly income of $50,000 or more per year. Here are a few pointers for what it takes to become certified within insurance.


Insurance companies will usually require that you at least have a high school diploma, or something along those lines. Having a degree from a university is not always needed, but many companies will often want or even demand a degree from their employees. Finishing three or four years of school within relevant topics like leadership and insurance will come a long way to make your resume more appealing to the “headhunters.”

Abilities and Practical Knowledge

If people are to work within insurance, they are usually required to have obtained at least five years of experience within the general field. It doesn’t have to come directly from working as an tannhelseforsikring insurance agent (because that would not be possible until gaining the certification), but can also come in the form of sales jobs, positions in banks, or other financial professions. A lot of insurance employers give their employees or potential employees the opportunity to join their workforce and get training, so they can develop the abilities and understanding they need to become successful insurance agents. These abilities may be talking in front of people, working well in teams, and gaining business with more people. Ask around; perhaps there’s a large insurance firm close to you, just waiting for you to come and intern there.

National Certification

To become an insurance worker, there is one course which is more important than any other: the national certification (NCICS). You might be selling house insurance, life insurance, travel insurance, or whatever, but in all of these cases you are required to be certified as an insurance agent in your country. To accomplish this, you need to sign up for an approved development program in your relevant insurance field, and complete a test. When you complete the test, you are certified within insurance.

Updating Your License

When you have passed the test, you will still need to update your license every two years. This means that you for example need to complete a relevant course within insurance, which is approved as one that will enable you to keep your license. Since most insurance firms do several types of insurance, it might be necessary for you to have several licenses. Keep in mind that this varies from company to company.

Once you have read through the points above, you should have a better understanding of what it takes to become certified within insurance. Try to see if there are some things you already have (such as a college degree) that you can use to further your job search. And make some plans for what is left for you to do, such as completing the national certification.

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